Blue Flower

As it was Polling Day, the Scouts took the opportunity to get out in the woods.

The Troop had a relatively short hike from the Rushmere/Stockgrove Visitors center back to the Library in Leighton Buzzard.

This took in a very small section of the Greensand Trust Walk, which we hope to be tackling later in the program.

The Management Team.

The Beavers Colony recently had a good time 'Doing' the Children's Trail around Leighton Buzzard town center and Parson's Close.

Much fun was had by all, including a number of parents/grandparents helping out for the evening.

The Beaver Colony will be joining the Cub Pack for a Camp at Milton Bryant in the summer.

The Camp will have an Animal Theme with activities provided by the section teams and the young people will also get to do onsite activities too.

ASL Baloo is organising this years Summer Camp for Scouts in order to get his Nights Away Permit.

The Scouts will take part in a number of activities at and around Lees Wood Scout/Guide Camp site, at the begining of the summer holidays.


The Management Team 

We held a Jumble Sale with loads of items donated to the Group.

This eventually raised in excess of £700 for group funds.

Thanks to all those who donated, or bought things or partook of the refreshments available at the Scout Hut.

Thanks to Katie and Baloo for organising things.


The Management Team