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Group History

The exact date that the Group was first registerd is currently unknown. However it is mentioned, under the name of "Leighton Buzzard (Church)" on the registration form for the Leighton Buzzard Local Association dated 5th January 1937.

The other Groups listed are "Leighton Buzzard", "Leighton Buzzard (Ceders)", "Heath & Reach" and "Hockliffe".

We also have one currently unsubstantiated referance to a registration date for the Group of 23rd October 1965.

The Group appears again under the same name, but with a different registration number on the Registion form for the Leighton - Linslade and Wing Scout District dated 17th January 1971.

This district was formed by the merger of the Linslade and Wing District with the Leighton Buzzard District. The other groups listed being "Church of the Sacred Heart, Leighton Buzzard", "1st Linslade", "1st Leigton Buzzard" which has the same registion number as the "Leighton Buzzard" group mentioned in the previous document, "Salvation Army, Leighton Buzzard" "Heath & Reach" now with a different registraion number, "R.A.F. Stanbridge Air Scouts" which was registered on 10th September 1969 as a Group sponsored by R.A.F. Stanbridge and "Stockgrove Park".

The next document we have is dated 14th March 1996, when the R.A.F. Stanbridge Group changed its name to "Riverside Scout Group" and loses it sponsored status.

The Group gained its present name of "Church Riverside Scout Group" on 11th December 2001 when the "Church" and "Riverside" Groups merged under the registration number of the "Church" Group.

It is currently believed that the Group was originally formed in connection with All Saints Church in the Town, possibly under a different name and that in due course it relocated to its present headquarters on the Hockliffe Road, after the Land had been donated by a Mr. Leslie Sell. It is also believed that the current Scout Hut was opened by Sir Ralph Reader of Gang Show fame.

The documents we currently have to hand are very few and far between and woefully incomplete. If you have any information and in particular any documents or photo's relating to the "Church", R.A.F. Stanbridge" or "Riverside" groups, please do get in touch with us via our contacts page.


Executive Committee or Management Team

Role of the Committee

The Group Executive Committee is responsible for providing operational support for the Section Leaders.

Members, who are volunteers and Trustees of the Scout Group, (Charity number 300464), include parents, leaders and supporters. The main functions of the Team include:

  • Raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finances
  • Assisting with the recruitment of leaders and other adult support
  • Decision making on policies & expenditure
  • Maintenance of the Group’s property and equipment;

More volunteers are always welcome and you can find out more about the role from the welcome pack.

You can contact the Group Executive Committee (Management Team) by email:

Executive Committee:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Committee Chair:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Known as Church Riverside Scout Group  Charity number: 300464 





The Management Team